To the community, friends and family of The Hayling Clinic:

We are sad to announce that we have decided to close the clinic for the foreseeable future.

At the clinic we highly regard our patients, their safety and well-being; and we want to uphold the governments advice regarding social distancing and no non-essential contact.

As a clinic we will be contacting all our patients with appointments, to pause them, with a view to rescheduling them as and when these protocol's have been lifted.

The Hayling Clinic would like to thank their loyal client base for their unyielding support and understanding during this difficult period.

The clinic would also like to reiterate the governments view on social distancing, and encourage our patients to act safely and remain healthy in these uncertain times.

Please keep in touch, as we are still around to help answer any ongoing questions or queries and support in anyway we can.

We look forward to reopening as soon as possible, and seeing you all again!

The Hayling Clinic Team

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