Shiatsu is administered by a Shiatsu practitioner leaning their thumbs, fingers, palms, elbows etc, on to Shiatsu points located on meridians throughout the body along with manipulation of limbs, if required, to enhance the body's natural healing ability to prevent the progression of stagnation.

Shiatsu points are called "Tsubo" in Japanese, and their location and the effect of Shiatsu on the individual is based on an understanding of Anatomy and Physiology and Traditional Chinese Medicine. These points are effective in treating all body systems including the Muscular, Nervous, Circulatory, Skeletal, Endocrine and Digestive systems.

Mastering the essence of Shiatsu requires many years of practical experience, and requires ongoing study and personal development.

Shiatsu is a Japanese word meaning "finger pressure". It is a "hands-on" therapy used to complement conventional medicine and as a preventative/alternative therapy. Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing experience and regular Shiatsu sessions will help to prevent the build up of stress from daily life.

Charlie Fleet qualified with the European School of Shiatsu in 1999, furtherstudies led to the achievement of a Diploma in Stress Management.

Shiatsu appointments are an hour and a half long for the initial consultation (including case history), and then hour long appointments for follow ups. Charlie is working in the clinic on Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

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