A Good Start to the Gardening Season

The sun is out and we are all getting excited about the prospect of gardening for another season.  After many months of hibernating from the cold and miserable weather, getting out and about couldn’t come any quicker.

After spending the last four months sitting indoors not really doing much except eating and drinking, our bodies need to be prepared for the new season and the start of exercising again. 

Getting out in the garden and re-digging and planting all the flower beds can be a difficult task for some, however nearly everybody who goes out to garden ends up stiff!

Why? People don’t see gardening as a type of exercise, but all the bending and digging can definitely work up a “gentle glow”; stretching before, and after gardening can really help reduce any stiffness.

Many people don’t feel any pain while they are actually digging; it is that evening when they decide to have a glass of wine for all their hard work, and sit in front of the TV to relax. Slowly they stiffen up and when it comes to going to bed, getting off the sofa can be an arduous and painful task. 

The alcohol doesn’t help either, it is a diuretic and the stiffness can be made worse, however relaxed it makes you feel at the time!  Drinking plenty of water during and after gardening helps keep the muscles hydrated and are less likely to get stiff. 

If all else fails and the gardening does leave you in pain, The Hayling Clinic is open 6 days a week to help you recover, we can also give you a more detailed management plan to help prevent further injury.  

However if you are in acute pain, home visits are also available for osteopathy.  Please call us on 023 9246 0555.

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